caramel popcorn

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a nutty (no nuts or nut flavoring added), chewy, and slightly crispy package of caramel pocorn.

a little darker than most caramel popcorn you've seen, our caramel popcorn is nutty and darker due to the ingredients we use. be warned: this is easily addictive, and you might find yourself with an empty bag faster than expected!

comes in a SINGLE RESEALABLE pack (7in. x 3in. x 11in / 17.75cm. x 7.6cm. x 28cm.) filled with caramel popcorn

12oz / 350g or more per bag


♡ no products in the shop are certified allergen-free.
♡ all cookies and baked goods are made with equipment shared throughout the kitchen, where wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, peanuts, and tree nuts are processed.